Griswold v Connecticut

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Griswold v. Connecticut Estelle Griswold began her fight for contraception (birth control) in the 1940ís. She traveled to different slums of the world and realized that these places were largely overpopulated. This sparked an interest in her. She believed that inadequate information about contraception was a major cause of human misery both abroad and even in segments of the Connecticut population. When she returned to New Haven, she joined the Planned Parenthood League and soon …

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…feel this way. I agree with the ruling because it is a personal choice. I believe it had an impact on our legal system and that it still does today. The ruling has affected the outcome of many cases over the past decades, and if itís liable enough to stand for this long, then it must be of importance to the people of this country. Thatís why it still stands the same today.