Green Computing.

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Green Computing Green Computing reduces the environmental waste and electricity involved while using a computer. In becoming aware of the waste of materials such as paper and electricity, society has begun to take measures to counter this wasting. One such program to counter the problem is Energy Star, developed by the United States Department of Energy and the United States Environmental Protection Agency. This program encourages manufacturers to create devices that use little or no …

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…can do their part for this cause, then we can all look forward to living in a safe and clean world in the near and distant future. Works Cited Roger R. Mobley. "What's New in Computing Today." High Tech September 2003: 9-24 Holmes, James D. and Mardsen, Katie A. Computer Learning for the New Professional. Houston, Texas: Gulf Publishing Company, 2003. "Microsoft Word 2002 Project 2002." Shelly Cashman Series. 1 Oct. 2003. <>.