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“If they only Knew” When two people have an uncompromisible difference in opinion they are forced to become enemies. Sophocles illustrates this in the tragedy Antigone through the main characters, Antigone and Creon. Antigone, King Oedipus’s daughter, has come back to Thebes after king Creon has put her two brothers Polyneices and Etocles to death. After being killed only one brother is given a proper burial, the other one, Polynecius, is left out to …

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…to a higher power; Creon thinks he is the highest power. “Now here I am, holding all authority, and the throne, in virtue of kinship with the dead.” Antigone believes in divine will and Creon in human will. Antigone cannot give up her love for her brother, the only love she has and Creon cannot give up his hate and give any repentance to her. Therefore their relationship cannot change and they are forever enemies.