Greek Architechture

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Behind the complex understanding of Greek architectural design lay the backbone of all Greek lifestyle, Sacred Architecture. The temples built in Ancient Greece were extraordinary in their design, planning, and construction. Some of the more simple temples were built with solid limestone blocks, which were surfaced with stucco made of marble dust (Greece, 1). Other temples were made completely of solid marble or other near-indestructible materials. These temples were constructed to worship the gods. Deity worship …

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…corner of the east pediment. It counterbalances the horse of Helios on the southern corner. The Parthenon had many statues enclosed in it used for worshipping the gods. The Ancient Greek ideas of columns still show in today’s buildings. Different styles and orders have shown up in even the most prominent of buildings. The Greeks have had a long-term, lasting effect indeed! The beauty and excellence of Greek architecture will not easily be forgotten.