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Great Expectations-Charcters Characters in Great Expectations: Static or Dynamic? The characters in Great Expectations are the products of extreme characterization. Each personality type represented is in its extreme, as though to make a point to the reader. Overall, the lesser characters in Great Expectations do not undergo a massive character change; that is, they remain static the whole time. The main role players, Pip, Miss. Havisham, and Mrs. Joe Gargery are the ones who undergo …

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…he needs her. Herbert Pocket is a lot like Biddy in that he is devoted to Pip, and will always be there for him. He is Pip's only true friend when he first arrives to London. It is the contrast of these characters, those static, and those dynamic that make Dickens famous for his elaborate characterization. You never know which are static, and which are dynamic, which adds to the excitement of reading his novels.