Great Gatsby

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After his return from the "Teutonic migration known as the Great War," Nick Carraway felt too restless to work selling hardware in his Midwestern home town. He moved east to New York and entered the "bond business." Settling on the lowbudget side of Long Island in West Egg, Nick rented a bungalow next door to a mysterious, wealthy man-about-town known as Gatsby. Shortly after arriving in New York, Nick was invited to dinner at the …

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…of them laid the great Gatsby to rest. …Owl-eyes spoke to me by the gate. "I couldn't get to the house," he remarked, "Neither could anybody else." "Go on!" he started. "Why, my God ! they used to go there by the hundreds." He took off his glasses and wiped them .... "The poor son-of-a-bitch, " he said. After that summer, Nick returned to his modest Midwest town, no longer in awe of the big-city lights. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**