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Title: Pride in the Great Gatsby Adam Bussey English IIIA, Period 3 5/26/99 Adam Bussey Mrs. Forchion English IIIA, Period 3 26 May 1999 Outline Thesis: F. Scott Fitzgerald uses Nick Carraway in the Great Gatsby to analyze pride and its effects in a man’s life. I. Nick tells the reader about his background and family history. II. Nick Carraway’s interactions between the many characters in the novel show a reflection of pride. A. Interactions between Tom and …

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…bond man.’ ‘Who with?’ I told him. ‘Never heard of them.’ This annoyed me.” It showed what a concern it was for Nick to become appreciated by his close friends. This comment struck a cord at Nick and slightly damaged his ego of believing he was above people. Nick and Tom had many aquaintances that showed how each of the had a pride of their own and how it effected their economic and social lives.