Great Expectations by Charles Dickens

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Great Expectations was written in 1861, right after Dickens had divorced Kate, his first wife. Dickens basically invoked his own emotions in the story. It was where his heart lay. Also, anyone who has read more of Dickens' work can clearly see his determination to avoid repeating himself in this impressive gothic novel dealing with the fortunes and misfortunes that befall the main character Pip. At first, Dickens had started it as a little humorous short …

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…true natures. conclusion If there is one moralistic message conveyed in Great Expectations, then it is this: Class differences may seem important, but actually they are not. The basis of our personality is shaped when we grow up. It cannot be changed. However, we can learn. We have to, as a matter of fact. We must learn how to deploy our talents and on the other hand, find a way to deal with our weaknesses.