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The author Charles Dickens was a talented illustrator of character. Throughout his novel Great Expectations he presents this gift by creating several unique characters. A dominant character throughout the novel is Estella, adopted daughter of the eccentric Miss Havisham. Estella is cold-hearted, a victim of Miss Havisham, and repentant. Throughout the novel Estella has a hard time understanding feelings. As a child when Pip would play with her she was cold to him, "And what …

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…sorry for. The fact that her means of hurting all mankind consisted of simply marrying Drummle makes her seem pathetic. As it turns out she has a heart, only she needed to be beaten to discover it. It is also a wonder why she is loyal for a time to Miss Havisham. Yet, she appears to redeem herself at the end. Estella's characteristics lead up to one question, is there a shadow of another parting?