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Charles Dickens wrote Great Expectations in the 19th century. His main character, Pip, recieves money from a benefactor, but does not find out who it is until the end. The question Dickens may have tried to get across was, "do you believe money makes you happy?" Well, it depends on who you ask. It can be answered many different ways. In this story, it is answered with the saying "wealth is no substitute for happiness." …

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…a pauper before, then a gentleman. He didnít let money get to his head, because of that, he still managed to stay happy. Last but not least, there is Miss Havisham. She is a dear old lady who had once had her heart broken in a terrible scheme. She had lots of money, but yet, she couldnít buy back her happiness. In her case, money did not let her succeed to be happy.