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Pip is orphaned at childbirth and is raised by his sister and her husband, Mr.& Mrs.Joe Gargery. He lives a pretty normal, happy life considering the circumstances. He sneaks around like a normal kid and one time he steals stuff to help an escaped convict. Anyway, one day he is called to Miss.Havisham’s house to play. There he meets Estella and she is like the only lively, pretty thing in that house. …

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…life. Years later Pip comes back to see Joe and Biddy. They have a little boy they have named Pip, and Pip just loves him. He goes to where Miss.Havisham’s house was, she died years ago, and he sees Estella. Her marriage is over and she shows signs of having some feelings and compassion. It ends leaving you thinking that they are going to get together. Bibliography THe book great exp. by dickens