"Greasy Lake", by T. Coraghessan Boyle, and the writing techniques that were used to develop the theme and meaning.

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Whether it be stealing some candy at a store, or punching a kid in the mouth for the shear aspect of respect and fear from others, people at one time or another have felt the "good to be bad" feeling. I speak from personal experience myself, for I have wanted to be one of the "bad guys" on more than one occasion. Though I'm not a bad person, there are times when I have tried …

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…truth, the reader interprets this theme of the story. Though the narrator was running from the light, embracing darkness to be bad, he eventually finds it is dead-end path for him and his buddies. He becomes disgusted with his formal life, and will change his ways from then on. Everyone experiences such desires to be someone they are not, but its no who they are if they contemplate every action with hesitation, doubt, and fear.