Gothic Architecture

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Gothic and Romanesque Style Arch. Represented primarily through cathedrals, Romanesque and Gothic styles of architecture were some of the few symbols of civilization in the poverty stricken and often depressing Middle Ages. These cathedrals represented faith, dedication, and cooperation; a sane place in a world of anarchy. Gothic and Romanesque styles of architecture were related in various ways, yet they also contrasted in style in some ways. Romanesque and Gothic architecture, although having many similarities, …

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…Gothic styles of architecure helped to show people that even if that had a miserable life, they could always turn to the comforting church for salvation. Although in appearance their styles looked different, they essentially had the same purpose in that they both provided a safe haven for christians to feel safe with god. This helped to greatly strengthen the church. The two styles also had some similarities in physical appearance, not only pyschological purposes