Gossip and its Effects

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In Sissela Bok’s Secrets, she quotes the American Heritage Dictionary for the definition of gossip. It is defined as, “trifling, often groundless rumor, usually of a personal, sensational, or intimate nature; idle talk.” Gossip’s very nature brings along danger. People risk friendships, jobs, and other important parts of life everyday to engage in it. Where does an innocent conversation about current events cross over to gossip? Why participate in gossip? What makes it …

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…of others are invaded upon and all normal restrictions of privacy are put aside, we go too far. This final rule describing reprehensible gossip embodies many types of gossip. Almost all gossip goes to far. Therefore, only a small percentage of the gossip used is truly harmless. In closing, gossip should be avoided whenever possible. Avoiding the temptation to gossip will no doubt strengthen relationships and build a strong character as an honest, considerate person.