"Goognight, Nobody" by Michale Night.

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Goodnight, Nobody The word "ordinary" can be used quite frequently to describe certain aspects of Michael Knight's stories in GOODNIGHT, NOBODY --- ordinary people leading ordinary lives, doing ordinary things. The stories in this collection aren't wrought with thick drama that seeps through the pages and there are no wild turns of events here. These stories are quiet and unassuming yet, even so, have a richness permeating through them that makes the entire book somewhat …

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…sizzling that a T.C. Boyle or a Thom Jones might produce. This is not what readers will find when they open Knight's book. The plots turn slowly, the words fall on the page like whispers and the tone is subdued. Instead of, say, a carnival, Knight's stories are nights by the hearth with a blanket thrown over and scratchy jazz records playing on the turntable nearby. Carnivals are fine, but so are quiet nights.