Good Morning, Midnight by Jean Rhys. Focusing on the final scene.

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In some ways the final scene in Good Morning, Midnight is as much a contradiction in terms as the title. Sasha has come to Paris for a two week holiday. After spending the the novel avoiding feeling and close interaction, Sasha ultimately accepts the advances of a gigolo she has befriended, only to reject him at the moment of truth and sleep with the man next door whom she fears and hates. In discussion of …

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…Sasha, 'yes' is not necessarily an acceptance of life <Tab/>but a recognition of its force. BIBLIOGRAPHY Howells, C. A. Key Women Writers, Jean Rhys. (Harvester Wheatsheaf: <Tab/>Hemel Hempstead: 1991) Maurel, S. Women Writers, Jean Rhys. (Macmillan Press: Basingstoke, 1998. Rhys, J. Good Morning, Midnight. (Penguin Books Ltd:London, 2000) Staley, T. F. Jean Rhys, A Critical Study. (University of Texas Press: Great <Tab/>Britain, 1979)