Gold Strike, relating to Cry, the Beloved Country

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“Gold mining union plans one-day Free State strike” An article dated March 17, 2000 NUM, or South Africa’s National Union of Mineworkers, is organizing a one-day strike at Free State gold mines. They are protesting the poverty and job losses from the mines. NUM is the country’s biggest mining union with 50,000 members, and on March 22 the strike would affect five gold companies; AngloGold Ltd., Gold Fields Ltd., Harmony Gold Co., Avgold and African Rainbow Minerals. …

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…against the gold mines. Gold was found in a new area, Odenaalrust, and the white men wanted to change the name because it was too hard to pronounce. The novel had realism to it because it was somewhat of a historical account of the times, as was The Grapes of Wrath with the dustbowl and droughts. This article shows how the gold mines still cause disputes and struggles much as they did in the 1940’s.