Gold Mounted Guns

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Gold-Mounted Guns In “Gold-mounted Guns” by F. R. Buckley the minimal use of characters was very effective in building the plot and making Pa Sanderson’s expressions that much more hurtful. If there had been a town of people who were being stolen from, the effect of the many people would have made it so it was just another regular occurrence, but it didn’t and when Pa Sanderson’s money had been stolen, you …

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…will be caused from their actions will deter them from committing the crime. But for people who are truly insane and have no feelings for there fellow humans this life lesson would mean nothing because they’re too far away from reality to justify their actions anyway. So all in all I feel the lesson taught by “Gold-mounted Guns” is a well-presented, true lesson that if possible all the time would probably work. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**