Going from Child to Woman The Transformation of Nora Helmer

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Going from Child to Woman: The Transformation of Nora Helmer In Henrik Ibsen’s, A Dolls House, the character of Nora Helmer goes through the dramatic transformation of a kind and loving house wife, to a desperate and bewildered woman, whom will ultimately leave her husband and everything she has known. Ibsen uses both the characters of Torvald and Nora to represent the tones and beliefs of 19th century society. By doing this Ibsen effectively …

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…her wedding vows and her responsibilities to him and to her family. “So you’ll run out like this on your most sacred vows” (1548) Nora recalls that her self worth is more important. “I believe that, before else I am a human being, no less than you…” (1549) In Nora’s transformation from loving housewife to a women who sees the truth in her relationship, Ibsen managed to awaken or give strength to the feminist movement.