Going Back to Business as Usual. This essay is about how I believe people should not be obsessing about september 11 and how if we go back to business as usual the world would be better

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Going Back to Business as Usual In the wake of the one year anniversary of September 11th, I find myself pondering why all the news and media are still so consumed with its coverage? It is my belief that the world should be trying to get back to business as usual by leaving the past behind us and looking forward. By focusing so heavily on the past, we lose sight of the present. Acts of …

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…doesn't show her father's murder." It is for Hillary's sake, and others like her, that I think it is time the world stopped obsessing over September 11th and tried to go back to business as usual. There are still terrorist attacks happening, and in a lot of places the terrorists are winning the battle, but maybe if we try to stop future terrorism instead of being fixated on past acts, we can help more people!