Gods and Goddesses

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Gods and Goddesses Greek mythology is a set of divine traditional tales told by ancient Greeks about the exploits of gods and heroes and their relations with ordinary mortals. The gods were "numina, divine manifestations, faceless, formless, but no less powerful" (Crystal 1). Gods and goddesses of Greek mythology resembled extraordinarily powerful human beings. They experienced emotions such as jealousy, love, and grief. They shared with humans a desire to assert their own authority and to …

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…suffering from prolonged sleeplessness is called an insomniac. Greek Mythology has played an important role in the making of the world today. It has had a huge impact on all aspects of life from word origins to history. All these stories, however, are based on some truth, and should be looked at as pieces of history rather than tales and myths. A tremendous amount of knowledge can be gathered from these impressive works of art.