Given it's controverial nature, should The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn continue to be taught in schools? Write a persuasive letter to the school board.

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Dear School Board, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is a controversial novel which many schools seek to ban, while others want it to be taught. I, Siddharth Vyas, as a high school student of an international school, write this letter to you as a means of revealing the reality of this novel. As author of the book, Mark Twain underlies such themes as racism, slavery, and societal conflicts portrayed by the thoughts of a social …

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…case, I hope you have become aware of the danger, both social and mental, that this book possesses. The most educated of people believe this book to be "trash of the veriest sort, and feel that it shouldn't be taught to students." In light of everything I know about this book, I trust that you too, keeping in mind the welfare of students, will prohibit the use of this book in schools. Respectfully, Siddharth Vyas