Gimpel the Fool Characterization Essay

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Reb Gimpel is the main character in Isaac Bashevis Singerís Gimpel the Fool. The reader obtains information about Gimpelís character and personality by not only what he says or does, but by what others say about him as well. The majority of the townspeople like to tease Gimpel and tell him stories that are not anywhere near to the truth. Due to the fact that Gimpel believes all of this information, everyone makes …

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…it seems everyoneís goal in life is to make fun of him, he moves away. When he departs, the town will be at a loss. No longer will there be gullible Gimpel to tell stories to anymore. Hence, his move away from Frampol lets him interact with people that will not neglect or make fun of him. He is a stronger person in the end because of all eh has gone through. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**