Gideon vs Wainwright.

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Gideon vs. Wainwright By Andy Coffey You walk into a court room with a layman's knowledge of the law and are defending yourself on a crime you did not commit. The proceedings to come are to complex for your physique and you are too poor to afford a lawyer. After representing yourself in the court you are found guilty by jury of your peers and charged with sentences that is unfairly fitted with the crime …

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…thing that guy had going was that he was in good health. However the Sixth Amendment did not include the guidelines for which States have to follow. Based on this assumption, the courts prior to Gideon v. Wainwright stated that, "appointment of counsel is not a fundamental right, essential to a fair trial." So it is your opinion if he had a fair trial of not, If you asked me, he was used an abused.