Gibbons Vs. Ogden, 1824

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Gibbons Vs. Ogden, 1824 The case of Gibbons vs. Ogden was one of the deciding factors in the creation of a stable commercial system that would propel the United States into its current position as a World Power. New York, being influenced by Sectionalist ideals, created a law that obstructed the free flow of interstate trade. This was taken to the Supreme Court, where it was shown that not only did New York claim that the …

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…bounds, surpassing its competition in Europe by 100 years. In addition, by protecting the interests of the South, Marshall held the Civil War and the Southern secession at bay for at least another 20 years, allowing the economy to grow. All these decisions allowed the Industrial Revolution and American trade to pick up momentum, resulting in new technology and huge profits, which were vital for the United States to become the world power that it is today.