Giants in the Earth

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O.E. Rölvaag’s thesis in the novel Giants in the Earthis well hidden throughout the text of the novel, but his purpose is very clear. The purpose of the book is to give the reader a full experience of how life was like for an immigrant to start all over again in an unknown, unexplored habitat. It also furnishes the reader with the knowledge of the hardship and consequences that the alien settlers …

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…the coast of Norway. Receiving very little education in Norway, Rölvaag traveled across to America where he moved to Sioux City, Iowa and entered Augustana College, a grammar school in South Dakota. He then moved onto St. Oalf College and graduated in 1905. In 1906, he took to teaching at the St. Oalf’s. Rölvaag has written other works besides Giants in the Earth. These include: In Those Days,The Emigrants, and Founding the Kingdom.