Gerry Spence: Easy In The Harness

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Gerry Spence’s essay, “Easy in the Harness: The Tyranny of Freedom” is an argument. He is arguing a point about freedom and trying to convince you to think like he does. His argument is simply what we perceive as freedom isn’t what freedom really is. The structure of this essay is based on claims of fact. Throughout the whole essay, Spence is telling you a story of himself and what we saw as …

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…there. For example, in one of Spence’s examples, he uses the membership of a community and the loss of freedom associated with it. I may think that I am free, but I can’t go out to get my mail in my neighborhood in my nakedness. There are laws permitting against it and together as a community, we must obey those laws. Our memberships into these communities are always paid in freedom. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**