Germany's situation between 1924-29

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The question of whether Germany was "dancing on a volcano" between 1924-29 relates to how successful this period of time was and whether people of that time were merely relying upon its short-term success, when it's complete downfall was to follow no later than up to five years later. As for its reliability to be seen as a true reflection of Germany's situation between period, only an examination of the foreign policies as well as …

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…it is unfair to say the German people were "dancing on a volcano" (accept for the small exception of their reliance of short-term loans) as no one could hope to expect a world economical disaster such as the 1929 wall street crash, which can be argued had it not been for that principle Germany may have carried quite nicely a long run in its Weimar Republic as political, economical and foreign policies have outlined thus far.