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Essay on Germany The start of WW1 in 1914 came from the build up of many shifting attitudes in Europe, particularly in Germany whose unstable society and old fashioned political order made Germany ripe for involvement in the war. This along with the Kaiser's unusual personality and prejudices set the stage for conflict. The years 1880-1914, was one of the most explosive periods of industrial growth. Cities mushroomed. For example, Berlin went from a population of 600,000 …

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…side of his character, which shocked people, especially foreign leaders. Therefore the underlying causes that led to Germany's involvement in the war-not just the fact that it was bound by its treaty with Austria-Hungary. Political and social problems faced by a society growing through massive and rapid industrialization, along with many people in positions of power feeling gloomy about the future, and the personality and prejudices of the Kaiser set the stage for a war.