George Orwell 1984

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George Orwell 1984 Big Brother Street Brotherhood Island 19480 October 12, 2000 The World 2000 Millennium Dr. Global, 12345 Dear World, I feel as though I need to write everyone and comment on the similarities I have noticed between your present society and that of 1984. I wrote the novel 1984 to show how I feel society should act, and be governed. I feel that both1984 and present day society and 1984 have similar qualities, but you do have some areas that you needs …

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…between two countries. I feel that the world and its people still standby the same rules that I once set in novel 1984. I do believe that there is much room for improvement among everyone in the present world to become more like that of the society in 1984, especially the government. You need someone like Big Brother, which is a figure that everyone can look up to and follow. Best of luck, George Orwell ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**