George B. McClellan

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George B. McClellan The Disposable Patriot "George B. McClellan, The Disposable Patriot" by Micheal J. McHugh recounts the struggles of the young Napoleon, George B. McClellan, as he lived out his life. George B. McClellan lived a long and fulfilling life in both the military and politics, and still had a good loving christian family. Through out the book George B. McClellan is determined to live his life for the Lord. George B. McClellan came …

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…I learned to be myself no matter what people say as George did when the leaders in Washington tried to make him do things against his will like attack the confederat armies. The author's perspective on George B. McClellan was that he was not a bad guy who was affraid to do things. I agree with this statment because George was just doing what he thought was right and watching out for his fellow man.