Genetic engineering

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Genetic Engineering is the alteration of genetic material by intervention in genetic processes. Geneticists, the scientists that specialize in gene therapy, are working very diligently to map out the suspected 100,000 to 150,000 genes that make up the human body. They plan to have it complete by 2005 (Boukhari 1). With this map of the charted genes Jeff Kunerth, writer for the Orlando Sentinel says, "It is one of the many scientific advances that literally will redefine life in …

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…permanent correction of a diseased gene in humans so why not continue researching this field ("Designer" 2). Maybe we are underestimating the power that genetic engineering can have on life! Bibliography Works Cited Boukhari, Sophie; Otchet, Amy. "Unchartered Terrain on Tomorrow's Genetic Map," Unesco Courier, Sept. 1999, p.18, 2p, 1c. Ebsco. Online. 9 Dec. 1999. "Designer Babies, Anyone?" National Catholic Reporter, 22 Oct. 1999: Vol. 36 Issue 1, p.21, 2p. Ebsco. Online. 8 Dec. 1999. Gene Therapy Can Help Improve Cystic Fibrosis 19 March 1999, 4 Janurary 1999: 1-2