Genetic Altering: The Power to Change a Life.

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Genetic Altering: The Power to Change a Life In recent years, scientific advances on the genetic code have flooded the news and media and left many wondering what was next. The knowledge gained from decoding and identifying the Human Genome has raised many morally complex questions for scientists to answer. It has placed in their hands a great deal of power, the ability to manipulate human genes and, therefore, ultimately alter the human race of …

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…with a genetic disorder. Genetic altering in the right hands may save a life and the lives of future generations. However, this power should not be taken lightly. With the ability to manipulate genes comes a God-like power, that placed in the wrong hands could have major consequences. As developments are made concerning specific genetic treatments, it leaves many with an ethical issue that demands our attention, to save a life or superficially create one.