General summary and personal commentary on "Grace" in James Joyces "Dubliners".

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"Grace" "Grace" begins with a fall down the stairs for our main character Mr. Kernan. The unconscious and drunken Mr. Kernan is carried up the stairs and laid out on the bar floor. The manager of the bar repeatedly asks who the man is and who he was with, but to no avail. A constable is called in to try to solve the problem, when Mr. Powers enters and solves the mystery and proceeds to …

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…right their "accounts" with God. The question is will this straightforward sermon change Mr. Kernan's habits? I do not believe that the retreat will affect Mr. Kernans drinking habits. There are several reoccurring themes in "Dubliners" that appear in "Grace" such as: pious people trying to change the habits of others, the Irish drunk that is beyond help or rehabilitation, the despair of the people of Dublin, and the woman trapped in a dysfunctional relationship.