General William Sherman

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William Tecumseh Sherman was born on May 8, 1820 in Lancaster, Ohio. He received his education at the United States Military Academy and then eventually became a Union General in the U.S. civil war. Sherman declared his resignation from the army in 1853 and became a banking firm in San Francisco. He became the president of the Military college in Louisiana (currently LSU) from 1859-1861. Sherman offered his services at the outbreak of the Civil War in 1861 …

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…the War for the morally right side, the Union. If William Sherman would have never lived, there is no telling what could have happened. Possibly, a Confederate victory could have occurred and perhaps even slavery could still be around today. It is hard to imagine what might have happened in The Civil War if it wasn't for the actions of Sherman. Everyone (including most southerners) should be thankful for William Sherman doing what he did.