Gender Issues In The Tempest

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Gender issues in The Tempest The modern NBC miniseries adaptation of Shakespeare's The Tempest shares many similarities and differences on certain issues. The miniseries is an Americanized version, set during the period of the Civil war. Many issues involving gender were changed in the miniseries to reflect the new setting. The result is a more believable and understandable Tempest to which people can relate. The gender issue changes make the characters reflect modern individuals, and …

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…In the end however, both Gator man and Caliban represent threats to Miranda The miniseries adaptation of The Tempest provides a more modern look of the original play in a more modern setting. To accomplish this task, the physical genders of the character were changed, and with that, more modern social attributes to go along with their gender changes. The result is an easily believable adaptation of a normally difficult to understand work of art.