Gateway to Liberty

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Introduction The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island have been standing side by side in New York’s harbor for over a century (illus.1). In 1886, Liberty was unveiled on Bedloe’s Island, which is called Liberty Is-land today, and six years later, at a time when immigration from Europe was steadily rising, the first federal landing depot for immi-grants in the United States was opened on Ellis Island. Together, these two landmarks express an essential, …

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…slavery. It has actually transformed into a world wide attraction. But most importantly, it has became the ultimate symbol of the United States of America and one of the most treasurous values that we Americans believe in, freedom. The Ellis Island, too, has emerged from its years of obscurity to become a national symbol. Together, they are forever linked as symbolic companions in the search for li- berty in America and possibly the world (illus.18).