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Gulliverís Travels In the novel, Gulliverís Travels, Jonathan Swift addresses many things wrong with the society around him. His portrayal of English society shows how much he saw evil in it. He mainly addressed five issues throughout his book: war, government and politics,economy, society, and mankind as a whole. The Lilliputians uncover the idiocracy of war in our society. The Little-Ender and Big-Ender war all started on the debate of which way …

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…valued shiny rocks. Their leaders were chosen by whoever was the most vicious. Mistress taught Gulliver all that was wrong with the Yahoos, but in the end Gulliver was just as bad as them. Swift portrayed all of societyís faults in a fantastical journey taken by an Englishman. He showed everything wrong with the English, and succeeded in making most see their own mistakes in life, but didnít seem to change it any.