GCSE Arab Israeli Conflict Questions 1 and 2

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1. Looking at where this source came from, (a history book), my primary opinion would be that the author should place no blame at all on either parties detailed in his writings. The purpose of a history book is not to put forward the opinions of the writer, but to display the facts and events of the time period in question. However, as is most common nowadays, books such as these can be used by governments …

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…that the Israelis were in part responsible for the war because they made the first attack, and a little of the blame must be given to them for this reason, but not much. I think that he is biased and shows favoritism towards the Israelis. 2. This cartoon shows a Jew surrounded by Arab cannons about to be blown into the sea. The message of this cartoon is quite simple; soon the Israelis will be destroyed.