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What Is A Furby? A Furby is an interactive "pet". He sings, he dances, he moves, he talks, he opens and closes his eyes, he speaks Furbish, he speaks English, he asks to be fed, he falls asleep, he catches a cold, he passes that cold to other Furby’s, he learns games, he likes to be tickled, he interacts! Each Furby has his own personality. They come in many different colour combinations and there …

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…game Furby can answer questions to tell you secrets. You need to ask Furby a question, then pet his back and he will answer. Hide and Seek: A game that can be played with 2 people. One person can hide Furby, and the other can try and find him. Furby waits 3 minutes, during this he will make noises to help you find it. If you cant find Furby, he will sing “nah, nah, nah” three times.