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“Frontline” exposure of current affairs programs makes a mockery of journalistic integrity. Through humorous portrayals of important issues, and clever imitation “Frontline” makes veiwers aware of ridicule towards journalistic integrity. While current affairs programs are based on real life stories, which are enhanced to ‘make good news’, Frontline is based on the making of these stories. Frontlines purpose is to inform the audience of the life behind a current affair program but more importantly its …

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…affairs shows, that criticises the fact they they provide ‘entertainment pieces’ rather than reports on ‘serious issues’. The episode demonstrates that ratings are the one and only priority for current affairs programs again attacking their ethics or lack there of. As a television comedy “Frontline” brings a specific set of formal properties and concerns which reflect on its ability to satirise. Through-out the episodes ‘Frontline’ constantly ridicules and exposes journalistic integrity and absence of ethics.