From seeing the statue in person I was able to look at it from the side, unlike the computer image. Approaches to Western Art Museum Paper

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Masterpuppet Approaches to Western Art Museum Paper From browsing the web site alone, I saw exactly what I thought that I would after seeing the statue in illustrations in the book when we reviewed it in class. I had no assumptions as to what I would experience at the museum when I got there since I had already been there about one month ago. I knew that the building would be enormous and that there …

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…and the detail, were all altered in the reproductions. I was very comfortable with studying all art from books and slides throughout this class, but I have now learned the importance of viewing it in its real form. Being that this is the only education that I have received in art, I'm glad that I have learned to appreciate art in person, and not view it from how it appears in illustrations or digital reproductions.