"From Romeo and Juliet to the Present"

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On July 1st, 1567 I went into the time machine that a professor built for me. I chose the year 2000 for the year I was going to. When I did the time travel I ended up in Washington, D.C, the capital of this country called the United States of America. When I got out of the time travel machine, I noticed some big differences in the way things were. After being in Washington for a …

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…I go back to the 16th century, no one will believe how different things will become. America in the 20th century is a very high-technology place and everyone has a lot of freedom. In Verona, on the other hand, your place in life has pretty much already been decided before you have the chance to influence it Maybe I'll stay in America for a little while, because it looks like a good place to live.