From Roman to Greek Art

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From Roman To Greek Before the birth of Greek art, fully developed civilizations had indeed existed for thousands of years in Mesopotamia, Egypt, and Crete; but from its earliest appearance Greek art quickly rose to dominate the entire Aegean and Mediterranean areas. Its underlying principles, which we call "Classical", imposed themselves over the whole of the ancient world. While other civilizations, reaching the end of their development, became exhausted, Classical art injected new life into …

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…representative relief. It is interesting, and touching, that the Roman and Greek power of portraiture held true to the very end. And it is interesting that both of their arts are influenced by each other. Therefore, always, we could hardly separate the art of the Roman and the Greek. In conclusion, the Roman and Greek art are important to European art. Without the Roman and Greek art, the European art would be tedious and irksome.