From Dakto to Detroit Death of a Troubled Hero

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"Skip Johnson died from five gunshot wounds." Unable to hold at bay the threatening forces which penetrated his happiness and created distress, Skip was "tired of [his] life and needed someone else to pull the trigger." Often threatening forces, such as those presented in John Nordheimer's essay, "From Dakto to Detroit: Death of a Troubled Hero," attack one's inner being creating feelings such as helplessness and despair. In the previously mentioned essay, several threatening forces …

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…army. The forces acting against Skip seemed to possess such strength and he likely felt helpless as his despair regarding what had happened in his life only escalated with time. Skip allowed the forces which acted against him to lead to his downfall. He walked into a grocery store and allowed himself to be killed. Skip had given up on life and ceased to play the role "he was never trained for and never anticipated."