Friendship in "Lord of the Flies". It describes the characters and the friendships that evolved.

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Friendship in Lord of the Flies In the novel, Lord of the Flies, the children had many disagreements. There were several arguments, and the boys even had a war against the original leader, Ralph. Seemingly, Jack and Ralph are friends in the beginning, but end up being enemies in the end. Piggy and Ralph were not friends in the beginning, but a friendship eventually developed later in the novel. Roger and Jack were also friends …

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…to survive. They stayed friends until Piggy got hit with the boulder and died. Other friendships that were formed were based on pure savagery. Roger and Jack both hated Ralph and did everything they could to try and kill him. They were both devoted to hunting and killing. But even through all of this evil and hate, friendships were formed. Some lasting throughout the whole book, and others only lasting only for a short time.