Freud's Framework of Dreams

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Freud's Framework of Dreams The purpose of dreams is to sleep. Dreams also represent wish fulfillment. A dream is the result of a mediation or compromise between these two opposing forces. Freud defines the manifest content of dreams as that which an individual is dreaming in a particular dream, its primarily apparent subject matter. In contradistinction to manifest dreams Freud differentiates latent dream content, the elements composing the true purpose or meaning of a dream. …

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…manifest dream is an abbreviated form of the latent dream it is much less rich in detail and meaning, or in any case not as explicit; a wide variety of dream thoughts appear as a single element. As a result of the use of condensation it is impossible to explain the multiple and indefinite aggregation of unconscious impulses, anxieties and wishes that compose an element in the manifest dream simply by examining this element superficially.