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French Revolution Introduction The French revolution, like the American revolution, was a very important event in history. Until the revolution, all decisions, power, and wealth were made and held by the King. In America in 1775, the common people revolted to overthrow to gain freedom. The same happened in France in 1789 when the King, the nobles and the clergy were overthrown. High taxes, food shortages and bad government led to the start of the revolution. After, …

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…it was at a great sacrifice. Many innocent lives were lost so that future generations could experience a better life with equal opportunities. Bibliography Bland, P.T; Gors, P.J; Parton, K; Rudolph, E.P 1983 Heritage 1 Thomas Nelson Australia Pty Ltd. Cowie, H.R. 1982 Revolutions in the Modern World Thomas Nelson Australia Pty Ltd. Caselli, G 1987 Life Through the Ages Grosset and Dunlap. Guest,V; Lawrence, J; Eshuys, J 1984 Tradition and Change Jacaranda Wiley LTD.