Fredrick vs. Animal Farm

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The comparisons between Frederick of Foxwood, a character in the marvelous satire Animal Farm by George Orwell, pseudonym for Eric Blair, and Hitler of Germany are quiet often found when traversing the rich satires that Orwell creates. Three such satires are; one Mr. Frederick represents Adolph Hitler, Two the Nazi and Soviet governments in the thirties and forties conduced many negotiations and secret treaties such as the non-aggression pact, these trades and treaties are equal …

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…style. Earlier it was said that Stalin and Napoleons severed ties with England would come back to haunt them, this was true, and after the invasion the Soviet Union was on its own. This was proved by Plinkingtons note it said: “serves you right”. The comparisons between Frederick and Hitler are many. Fredrick stands for Hitler. Foxwood stands for Nazi Germany, Napoleon stands for Stalin, and Animal Farm stands for the Soviet Union. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**