Fred Collins: Fool Or Hero

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American Literature- "Fred Collins: Fool or Hero?" To characterize Crane's character, Collins as a "Fool" or a "Hero" is a difficult thing to decide. Was he foolish for going out into the barrage of bullets or a hero for giving the wounded artillery officer a drink (and a bath)? To characterize him as one or the other is asking to define what a hero is? Is it someone you look up to, someone you idealize, …

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…pride, then selflessly giving it to someone who was dying. Does that make him a hero or a fool? Collins left to get water and came back empty handed, or did he? By stopping to give the man a drink did he show the aspects of what some people believe to be a hero? Did he come back with something more? In my opinion young Collins left a fool but returned a hero. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**